TheGosneyvilleMethodistChurchwas organized in 1843, with Amos Tutt as pastor. However, the first member we can find record of was George Washington Douglas who joined in 1841, with W.G. Capler as pastor. This would cause us to think that services were conducted for a period of two years before officially organized.


Others must have joined until 1861, but we find no record of those twenty years. We are told worship services were held in Corum school house in the vicinity of Smithville.


After the war of the sixties, the church felt the need of a building for the community of Gosneyville. William Duncan offered a site, and a little later a decision was made to get closer to the village.


In December of 1867, a lot was secured from the Gosney tract, so the old building must  have gone up in 1868. The trustees at that time were Ben Taul, W.M. Murray, Charles McGee, T.J. Ellington, William Sparks, John Rollins and G.W. Douglas. The old building was used until 1903.


The church was shared with the Baptist folks for many years until they had a building of their own in the 1890’s.


In November 1881, a lot adjoining was bought and a parsonage built. The records show that for a sum of fifty – five dollars ($55.00), Samuel Froman sold to R. Hulse, I. Faddis, G. Douglas, and Culner Bernard, trustees, a tract one hundred twenty feet square for a parsonage site.


TheGosneySabbathSchoolwas organized in October 1887, with O.L. Sparks as Superintendent, and Lulu Heathman as Secretary. The attendance ran forty to forty-five. Many Baptis name were mentioned in the records.


In 1903, a new and larger building was erected, which still stands and serves as the home of theParadiseMethodistChurch.


We have no idea how many members have joined and come to worship at theGosneyvilleChurch(which has been theParadiseChurchsince a post office was established and Gosneyville was renamedParadise.)


W.G. Capler    1841

Amos Tutt       1843

Thomas Hurst  1861

D.M. Procter   1868

J.T. Winstead  1885

J.P. Gosbey     1888

G.H. Wilkerson           1890

J.S. Smith        1893

W.R. Weekly  1894

J.M. Sitton      1895

T.G. Petree      1897

H.C. Kirby      1899

F.A. Henry      1901

B.E. Chapman 1903

G.B. Smith      1904

J.L. Taylor       1906

W.P. Owen     1907

C.W. Thorp     1909

E.M. Capp       1910

Vada Davis     1911

W. A. Chapman          1912

W.P. Henry     1914

J. A. Medley   1915

C. R. Swafford           1917

W.H. Wellington         1923

W.J. Parvin      1927

H.O. Bennett  1931

W.H. Ezell      1932

H.E. Corbin     1933

J.N. Boyd        1945

C.A.Neighbors           1949

Dick Philips     1950


Dates of service for the following are not known:

Reverend H.C. Kirby,  Reverend Thomas Potter, Reverend Swafford, Reverend Boydston, Reverend Norris, Reverend W.H. Hansford, and Reverend Kentucky Oliver

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